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ITUS have Investigators with exceptional skills and experience who are experts in their field of information and intelligence gathering, we have an extensive network of agents in over 130 Countries providing people “in Country” who are privy to information not in the public domain, they also have excellent relationships with financial, legal, media and Government organisations locally that provide invaluable intelligence.

Operationally, assignments are project managed from the UK with reporting done under a quality management system to ensure they are accurate and consistent to the forensic standard welcomed in Courts round the world. This level of service is usually found in the largest of organisations at a premium price. The ITUS philosophy is to provide a quality service that is value for money thereby cementing the business relationships as a trusted partner.

At ITUS we offer clients in The Law, Insolvency/Accounting, Financial Services and major International Corporations; for services in: Corporate Investigations, Due Diligence, Asset Discovery, Forensic IT and Financial Intelligence.

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